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Doe v Roe* (*names changed to protect privacy) (2014):
Appealed jury verdict on behalf of defendant in an invasion of privacy case; settled appeal for less than 10% of the original verdict after post-trial motion that eliminated all punitive damages and briefing the appeal.

Darton v Park Vasona Gas, Inc. (2013):
Successful appeal of a post-trial attorneys' fee award; the order was reversed and remanded.

Lawler v Casey (2012):
Successful appeal of an order denying clients' petition to compel arbitration; the order was reversed and remanded.

Jackson v Jovanovic (2008):
Defended appeal from a post-trial order denying opposing party's motion to set aside the judgment; the order was affirmed.

Sullivan v Dorsa (2005) 128 Cal. App. 4th 947 :
Successful appeal of a collateral order in a real estate partition case, awarding commission to referee.

Chang v Redding Bank of Commerce (1994) 29 Cal. App. 4th 673
Obtained reversal of lower court's grant of summary judgment against client and clarified California law regarding a bank's use of funds deposited by a General contractor in trust for sub-contractors on a construction project. 

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Henning v Superior Court of Lassen Co. (2007):
I obtained an Alternative Writ from the court of appeal in a challenge of the trial court's partial grant of judgment on the pleadings in my client's disability discrimination and failure to accommodate employment litigation. As a result, the trial court amended its order to deny the motion entirely.

Sullivan v Dorsa (2005):
The appellate court granted my request for a Writ of Supersedeas to prevent judgment creditors from levying on a judgment for costs while the appeal was pending.