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Welcome to the O’Reilly Law Office

Civil Appellate Services
The O’Reilly Law Office is a civil appellate law firm. The firm’s primary focus is on efficient and effective representation of clients in civil appeals, writs and other extraordinary relief at the appellate level. The decision about whether to take an appeal from an adverse ruling or judgment is an important one, and depends on the evaluation of numerous factors. These factors include the appealability of the decision and the likelihood of success on appeal.  These factors must be balanced against the cost of an appeal and any other available options. Kathleen O’Reilly, Esq. has the experience and knowledge to help you make this important decision.  Read More about Appellate Services

Attorney Services
Ms. O’Reilly also offers co-counsel services to attorneys located in the Bay Area, including brief writing, law and motion, case evaluation, pre and post-trial briefing and second-chair trial services. With over thirty years of experience, Ms. O’Reilly can offer valuable perspective and support during periods of high-demand, which enables attorneys to better serve their clients. Read More about Attorney Services

A trusted ally when you need it most!
At the O’Reilly Law Office, we care about our clients and always keep their best interests in mind. We know that legal battles can be extremely stressful, financially and emotionally. We are, above all else, client advocates. We strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients, legally and financially.


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